Renting for storage rooms and Furniture storing in Almeria (Polígono Juaida)

Alquiler de trasteros y Guardamuebles en Almería

Furniture storing in Almeria for particular individuals

SIf you have problems of space in your house, we give you the ideal solution. Rent a storage room from 3 square meters until the size you need.

Alquiler de trasteros y Guardamuebles para empresas en Almería

Storage rooms in Almeria for companies

We are the best allied for small and big companies. We facilitate cabinets of different types, pallets, wheelbarrows and all the necessary.

Alquiler de trasteros y Guardamuebles comerciales en Almería

Storage in Almeria for self-employees and commerce

Self-employees and commerce can benefit of our services. Keep the stock of your company or tools of work in a place totally safe and with vigilance, with easy access.

Problems of Space in Almeria?

Storage rooms for renting in Almeria.

We are the first and unique company for renting of storage rooms in Almeria.

For particular individuals with problem of space.

The ideal complement to make bigger your house for less than you can imagine.

Storage rooms from 3 square meters, private, with alarm and insurance included in the price.

You can rent your storage room just from a month!

Commerce, self-employees and companies with problems of space in Almeria.

We have for them, the storage rooms up to 20 square meters.

Reception of merchandise, flexibility in the contracts, access 24 hr.- 365 days of the year.

We also have boxes, accessories and all the necessary for the bailing. Consult us!

The first and unique company for renting storage rooms in all Almeria!


Calle Sierra de Ronda 25, 04240.


Video Vigilance 24 hr.

Renting without permanence

Easy parking

Personal and non-transferable key

Reception of things without cost

Storage rooms according to needs

Free Transportation and Reception

Always available

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