Tips for a move or renovation in an office: how to use a temporary storage room

In the business world, office moves and renovations are events that involve careful planning and execution. Proper space management and organization of objects and buildings are crucial aspects to ensure an efficient transition. To this end, the use of a temporary storage room is presented as a strategic solution to keep the furniture safe and facilitate the process of moving or renovating.

Proper organization helps to avoid loss, damage or misplacement of documents and materials essential to the operation of the company. Implementing an effective procedure to make the most of the available space becomes a fundamental task.

In this context, here are some tips to ensure that every element of the office is moved safely. Undoubtedly, one of the keys is to have a second temporary space as a resource to store those elements that are not necessary during the process of moving or renovation, thus guaranteeing their integrity and protection.

Tips for making the most of the space in the temporary storage room

First of all, take inventory.

The first step to a successful move or renovation is to carry out an exhaustive inventory of all the elements present in the office. Not only to keep track of each of them during the moving or renovation process, it will also be useful to determine which items are essential, which could still be stored in the storage room and which could be discarded.

Create a timeline to set key dates

Planning is essential. Establishing a detailed schedule helps coordinate the movement of items to the temporary storage room efficiently. This makes it possible to minimize the downtime of the company and ensure that all documents and belongings are accessible when needed.

Keep everything well organized, using boxes and materials such as bubble wrap so as not to damage anything

Packaging is essential to maintain the integrity of items during moving. Using labeled boxes and packaging materials, such as bubble wrap, ensures that each item arrives in the temporary storage room undamaged.

This also facilitates the process of later moving back to the office once the move or renovation is complete. As well as the decision to continue storing the objects and properties that you don't need and optimize the workspace in the new office.

In summary, the use of a temporary storage room stands as an effective strategy to make the move or renovation of an office more efficient and simple. The largest network of storage units in Spain, NUT, offers solutions adapted to the specific needs of each company, such as 24-hour access to its storage rooms so that you can consult any document or material stored.

To find out which is your nearest storage unit and get personalised advice, do not hesitate to contact NUT and make your moving or renovation process a smoother and more successful experience.

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