FAQ - Necesito un Trastero


What is Self Storage or rental of storage rooms?

Self-storage rental is the modern version of traditional furniture storage.

Totally private and independent spaces, secure and under surveillance, with exclusive 24-hour access.

Storage rooms of all sizes, from 1 square metre to 20 or 30 square metres to store everything that no longer has a place at home.

Why we?

Because we are the storage rental company with presence in more cities throughout Spain.

Because of our experience, because we have carried out thousands and thousands of contracts with clients. We like to listen and talk to our customers, see their needs and anticipate their problems.

Because we work with flexible contracts from month to month, with no major commitment.

Because we do not charge a deposit and we do not require permanence.

Because we offer all our clients totally free insurance.

Because we offer an exclusive fingerprint access system for each client.

And if that wasn’t enough, because we have the best alarm and video surveillance systems on the market, which cover every millimetre of every installation of I need a storage room.

How do you hire a storage room?

You can hire it online, by writing to us at info@necesitountrastero.es, by calling us at the free phone number 900 811 646 or at any of our delegations.

For them we only need a DNI of the owner, an account number and contact information.

If it is a company with the data of the same it will be enough.

Let’s prepare the contract and from the same day you can use your storage room.

Is there a contract permanence?

Our contracts are without permanence or ties.

Simply, before you cancel your contract, you must give us 7 days’ notice by writing to us at info@necesitountrastero.es or by calling us free on 900 811 646.

What is the form of payment?

The preferred method of payment for private customers is by credit card, which functions as a service subscription that you can cancel at any time. We also accept payment by bank receipt.

If you pay for a year in advance you can pay by bank transfer within 15 days of the start of the contract.

For large companies we can charge by bank transfer on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis.

Contracts are for 1 month and are automatically renewed every month until notice of cancellation. Always from calendar day to calendar day: for example, if you enter on the 17th, in your first payment we will be charging you from the 17th of that month to the 17th of the following month.

Charges to the card or direct debits are charged from the same day until a few days after the start of the contract. And each month the same charge day will be repeated.

What CANNOT keep in the storage room?

  • Perishable and semi-perishable goods
  • Goods and objects prohibited by law or of illicit origin.
  • Chemical, explosive, toxic or flammable products, as well as gases.
  • Animals, both dead and alive.
  • Vehicles or batteries.
  • Weapons or explosives.
  • Materials that may decompose or cause damage to other objects, to the storage room itself or to other storage rooms and customers.
  • Any other object that, in the opinion of an average person, cannot or should not be kept in a storage room.

Can shelves be put in the storage room?

Yes, you can condition and organize your storage room as you see fit. As long as it is an improvement for you, without damaging the facilities.

Is it possible to change the size of the storage room?

Yes, in the event that you want to expand your storage room, because it has become too small for you, or on the contrary you want a smaller one, there is no problem. You just have to call us and tell us what you want and we will adapt a storage room to your new needs.

How do you cancel a storage room?

To leave, simply give us 7 days’ notice by writing to us at info@necesitountrastero.es or by calling us free on 900 811 646.

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