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Our company

Our company

In 2014 this was all just a dream. A very beautiful dream that today we are proud to be fulfilling.

We believed in an idea, we sensed a need, and we had a “Eureka” moment.

Just 6 years ago, we only had a mini-office for renting storage rooms in Alicante, which was growing little by little.

Features and Benefits:

24h video surveillance

Rent without permanence

Insurance included

Fingerprint access

No deposits or money upfront

Storage rooms according to needs

More than 78 delegations

24 hour access

Easy access

Unique invoice and interlocutor

Storage room rental franchise

We detected a gap in the national market for the rental of storage rooms, and since there was no storage company (nor does it exist today beyond us) in different cities of Spain , and we decided to bet on growth through storage room rental franchises. Why not? We have succeeded in fulfilling a gap in this expanding market.
Years later here we are, being a benchmark in the sector with more storage room rental franchises at full capacity, growing as a team, in knowledge, in numbers … But above all, fulfilling a dream

Our goal

To be the best storage rental company, with a strong presence in every province nationwide.

We are proud of what we have done. We still have a long way to go, we are enjoying the journey, but surely the best is yet to come.

Meanwhile, we work with a single and clear objective in mind: To be the best storage rental company that operates nationwide.

Our vision

Storing is the ART of saving the present to serve you in the future.

You can call us for FREE at 900 811 646 or also…

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