History of self storage

In Necesito un trastero we already offer our storage rental services in Alicante, Almeria and Granada.

We offer storage and self storage rental services in both cities.

With today's post on our blog we want to inform our customers and friends about the history of self storage and storage rental, as it is known in Spain.

All the data pointed to the end of World War II and the United States as a pioneer in self storage.

But no, they were not the first.

More than 3000 years ago in China, the Zhou dynasty ordered the construction of storage units to store seeds, fruits and vegetables.

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We realize with this that the human being, since almost the beginning of time we have had the need to save and store our most precious goods.

By antiquity, the next case of self storage we have found is in the Israel Mountains, in 152 BC.

The Essenes inhabited the area called Qumram.

These were times of war between the rebellious Jews and the Romans.

The Essenes already foresaw the end of their community and in order to preserve their knowledge and traditions they deposited the famous texts known as the "Dead Sea Scrolls" inside caves.

They have also found remains of fabric from the period, metal and wooden utensils from the ceramic vessels, metal and wooden utensils.

In Spain we still have an emerging market for self storage, self storage or storage rental.


According to the latest study to which we have had access, there are more than 60,000 centers dedicated to this activity worldwide.


The first officially recorded storage facility as we know it today dates back to 1889 in Iowa, USA.

In addition to being pioneers, they have the largest market in the world and today they have more than 50,000 centers available.


There, the average surface area of each center is 28,000 square meters.

It is very common for North American companies and individuals to use long term storage rentals.

They have been born with them, it goes in their way of life and they know about their usefulness, since 70 years ago they already had self storage and storage room for rent.


It was after World War II when they began to expand throughout the country, with a format very similar to what we know today as self storage rental.


Australia is the second largest self storage market in the world.


In Europe, the United Kingdom stands out, with almost 1,000 self-storage and storage centers.

It was in the mid-1980s that the first centers opened their doors.

It was in London and its suburbs that these first centers were opened.


In Spain, according to the latest official data, there are already 150 companies dedicated to the rental of storage rooms.



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