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Storage room rental franchise

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    Do you want a Storage room rental franchise? With more branches opening in Spain, we have opportunites for you!

    Do you want a business where permanent staff is not necessary?
    Flexible hours, 2,4 or 8 hours per day?
    No major competition?
    In a growing market?
    Where you can be as big or as small as you like?
    Do you want to join the leading company in storage room rentals, with the most franchises in Spain?


    The storage rental company with a presence in more cities in Spain
    líder del sector en alquiler de trasteros

    Industry leaders

    With 95 storage room rental franchises, we are leaders in the sector nationwide.

    Business model

    In which the central supports the greatest daily workload of the franchise.

    Strong demand

    The latest studies indicate an average of 80% occupancy in the centers.

    The best software

    A custom program where you can see and control all the data in “storage”

    We are the only storage room rental franchise that belongs to

    to the Spanish Franchise Association


    Customer search from the central

    Know how of the brand

    No experience is necessary

    Exclusive franchise in the area during the contract

    Market analysis and study of the competition in each area

    Indirect income: transportation and removals

    A business in full expansion, with almost no competition in many cities.

    Amortization of the investment: 1st year of rental of the storage room

    Storage room rental franchise, a growing business

    The rental of storage rooms is a necessity in great demand in every city in Spain for years. And therefore, so are storage room rental franchises. As a business investment and as a company, it is a novel concept, where I need a storage room is a leader in national expansion in recent years. We are currently the company in the sector with the most growth and presence in cities throughout the peninsula, with 95 storage room franchises in Spain . As a reference, we will say that the third brand with the most centers does not reach 10.

    Creating a franchise is our greatest pride

    There are only two companies in Spain with more than 10 active centers (the other in a multinational with foreign investment that is only present in Madrid and Barcelona). No one has opened 82 storage room rental franchises in Spain, as we opened in 2021.

    Storage Room Rental Franchise

    A business that is booming year after year, with strong demand and occupation of the centers, a stable clientele and a < strong> very low competition compared to almost any other sector. We advise you on all services. We work with different suppliers and companies to give you the best service. This is demonstrated by all the studies and data in the sector , as shown by a recent report on El País newspaper . We have also recently appeared in the ABC , the Economist and in the Emprendedores magazine .

    We are the only storage room rental franchise

    That is why we decided to bet on growth through storage room rental franchises, creating the first large storage room rental network in Spain. As if this were not enough, we work with a work system in which the central is in charge of the daily management, without the need for our franchisees to invest 8 or 10 hours a day in the business. We will be happy to tell you more if this is interesting to you.


    95 delegations underway!

    Do you want to be a franchisee?

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    In addition, we have the backing of an entity such as Banco de Sabadell. They have analyzed our project and liked it! So much, that they finance our franchises, ask us!

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