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Storage room rental in Atocha

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    For individuals, companies and freelancers

    Storage rooms for rent in Atocha

    Your storage room for rent in Paseo de las Delicias. Rent your storage room from 1 square meter onwards, without permanence or bonds. The latest systems under construction and video surveillance, in addition to free insurance for all customers. Our storage rooms are a great solution for companies that work in the area. Their versatility makes them the answer to your space problems on any occasion. Easy, inexpensive and without headaches. Freelancers such as salespeople can benefit from the advantages offered by our warehouses in Atocha. Thus, you will be able to store everything you need in one place that you will have access to easily, at any time.

    What’s included:

    24h video surveillance

    Rent without permanence

    Easy parking

    Personal and non-transferable key

    Storage rooms according to needs

    24 hour access

    Easy access

    Online booking

    Necesito un trastero in Atocha

    Space problems on the Paseo de las Delicias?

    Storage rooms in Atocha, rental of storage rooms in Paseo de las Delicias 100. Your storage room with access 24 hours a day 365 days a year, its own secure parking. We have a new delegation of storage rooms for rent in Atocha . And of course, various media has been named in press . We have a new headquarters in Madrid’s Paseo de las Delicias nº 100. With more than 800 square meters dedicated to storage and Self Storage, this is undoubtedly one of our most special locations.

    Storage rooms rental in Atocha for companies

    Just a few meters from the Delicias railway station, we are going to offer storage room rental throughout the area. Rental of storage rooms in Delicias, for private clients, commercial freelancers and companies. Storage rooms for rent in Atocha , where you can store from your bicycle to the work tool. We also provide storage rooms in Legazpi.

    Warehouses in Atocha for the self-employed

    A service that our clients will be able to access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where they can park in our own parking lot. With exclusive access for customers by fingerprint, we also have the latest security, alarm and video surveillance systems. And in which we also offer you free insurance for your belongings … what else can you ask for from a storage room? Your storage room in Delicias (or your storage room in Atocha) for much less than you think per month.

    Storage in Atocha for individuals

    Hire for as long as you need, without ties or permanence. We have different sizes of storage rooms that are sure to adapt to your needs and we offer flexible contracts. If you are looking for an extra space at home and you want a safe, beautiful and comfortable rental storage room in Atocha, we are your best option.

    Opinions Necesito un Trastero in Atocha

    Perfect attention and a great variety of sizes to hire the storage rooms.



    Magnificent site, good security for access and a very pleasant treatment of those responsible. Private parking area.




    Very good area…. very professional staff.




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