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Storage rooms for large accounts in Spain

sector farmacéutico
fuerza de ventas
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Necesito un Trastero is the company with “trasters for hire at more cities of Spain”

The company with more his in Spain, in the same mark, with the same conditions, same corporate image and same manual operative.

We differentiate us of the competence so that we do not subcontract trasters or comissionem therefore.

We can offer for companies what nobody, and is the “main mesh Logistica that at present there is in Spain”.

We work nationally with logistic operators, multinational, chemists, companies of force of sales, marketing and advert that already hire varied trasters in Spain with an only company, our.

Besides, if do not have a delegation at the point that searches, have a mesh associated of logistics and magatzematge.


The main mesh for hire of trasters in Spain

An only bill, tariff and speaker for all his centres

An only logistic fellow that coat his necessities

Operative logistics at size

Computer and traçabilitat

Made possible of temperature controlled

Transportation, logistics and warehouse assistant services

Specialization at pharmaceutical sectors, trading meshes and force of sales

95 delegations into motion!

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