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Storage rooms for rent in Burgos

at the 900 811 646

    For particular, companies and freelancers

    Storage rooms for rent in Burgos

    The first undertaken for hire of trasters at Burgos at last opens #his portes.trasters since 1 metres squared onwards, with fit 24 hours by the day, 365 days by the year.The last systems at security and fits and a free insurance included at the price. If our furniture repository are a perfect solution for particular, our trasters are it for the companies. We will convert us at your centre of magatzematge of stock or materials and even will make us charge of your logistics and transport, if like this desire it. We return at being the first at a big city how collects Burgos Connects.

    What is included:

    Videovigilància 24h

    Rent without permanence

    Easy parking

    Personal and non-transferable key

    Storage rooms according to needs

    24 hour access

    Easy access

    Online booking

    Where we are?

    Warehouses at Burgos for freelancers and companies

    As we know it what costs freelance being, neither forget us of you and attempt to make you the life one miqueta easier. Like this, thanks to our warehouses, convert us at your best ally. So that your tools of work are well saved and certain and you do not have to you preoccupy therefore. Freelancers, trading and companies that need an extra room for his stock or tools. It hires our trasters for hire at Burgos without minimum of stay and without bails. We have been the first undertaken for hire of trasters at a lot of cities of Spain and always at successful synonymous state. We are sure that Burgos will the same success This at ours 5th franchise of trasters at Castile León.

    Furniture repository at Burgos for particular

    Necesito un Trastero is the first company at offering hire of trasters at Burgos. We premiere delegation in February of 2020. We are situated at the street Vitoria 196, 09007 Burgos. Storage rooms in Burgos since 1 metres squared until the 10 metres. With fit 24 hours 365 days by the year, the last systems at security and video surveillance, ademas of an insurance included at the price. You do not conform you with any one traster, can have one of the best trasters of Burgos for much less price of the that think! Particular with problems of room at Burgos’s city.

    Reviews of Necesito un Trastero in Burgos

    Very professional and attentive. Trasters flawless.



    Place of confidence. Attention immillorable



    Already to fault at Burgos a company of this type.



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