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Storage rooms for rent in Irun

Inform you FREE WITHOUT COMMITMENT at the 900 811 646

If you call from EUSKALTEL call 647 966 928

    For particular, companies and freelancers

    Storage rooms for rent in Irun

    Are the first for hire of trasters at Irun. With fit 24 hours 365 days by the year. If alive at Irun and need ones metras at your home, can ajudar-te.trasters since 2 metres onwards. For companies and freelancers of Irun, have trasters of until 20 square metres.

    What is included:

    Videovigilància 24h

    Rent without permanence

    Easy parking

    Personal and non-transferable key

    Storage rooms according to needs

    24 hour access

    Easy access

    Online booking

    Necesito un Trastero in Irun

    Problems of room?

    Be the first always is a motif of orgull.nosaltres have been the first undertaken for hire of trasters at Irun.

    We open the doors at the publish in October of the 2018.

    Storage rooms in Irun with pàrquing own, fit 24 hours by the day 365 days by the year, the last systems at security and fit at the venue by means of print dactilar.

    Storage rooms for rent in Irun

    For if this melted little, offer you a free insurance included at the price. You do not conform you with one traster without any type of security for your belongings. Have trasters since 2 square metres and until 20 metres,passing for most of sizes.

    Storage rooms in Irun for particular

    If you need a transport, have a kick of van my chauffeur to be able to make the transfer of your belongings. Neighbours of Irun that want to gross some extra metres at his home. For them have trasters since 2 metres squared onwards. Contratanos since 1 alone month, without bails or bonds of any type.

    Trasters for companies and Freelancers

    For companies and freelancers , have warehouses at Irun of until 20 square metres. Where you will be able to have your cargo and stock of work at a totally private place and independent and where will be able to come the 24 hours 365 days by the year. Ademas, the reception of cargoes the muck without any cost for our customers. Telephone us on the telephone free 900 811 646 or write us in front of any doubt that have.

    Reviews of Necesito un Trastero in Irun

    very good kick!



    The best trasters of the zone definitely, for installations and kick. One 10!




    Good prices and big variety of sizes.




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