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Storage rooms for rent in Pinto

at the 900 811 646

    For particular, companies and freelancers

    Storage rooms for rent in Pinto

    The first undertaken for hire of trasters Pinto already #this obertes.trasters since 2 metres squared with fit 24 hours 365 days by the year. Pinteños that want to gross some extra metres at his home,can hire trasters since 2 metres onwards, totally deprived. For companies and Pinto’s freelancers, have trasters of until 10 square metres passing for distinct sizes.

    What is included:

    Videovigilància 24h

    Rent without permanence

    Easy parking

    Personal and non-transferable key

    Storage rooms according to needs

    24 hour access

    Easy access

    Online booking

    Where we are?

    Storage rooms for rent Pinto for particular

    Another big city where arrive #the primers.aquesta time, are the first undertaken for hire of trasters Pinto. We open our doors in February of the 2018. Trasters Pinto since 2 square metres and until the 20 metres, passing for most of the sizes. We have the best systems of security and video surveillance at our installations. For if it was not sufficient, give you a free insurance included at the price. You do not conform you with saving your things at one traster without any type of security for your belongings.

    Trasters for companies and Pinto’s freelancers

    For Pinto’s neighbours that want to gross some extra metres at his home , have trasters since 2 metres squared onwards. It hires our trasters for hire Pinto since 1 alone month, without bails or bonds of any type. We have one pàrquing own at the same door of the installations. For companies or freelancers that seek a warehouse Pinto, Have of until 20 squared, psando pro almost all the sizes. We can make reception of cargoes, have carts and transpalet so that peudas utilise it. Write us an e-mail or telephone us on the telephone free 900 811 646 for any doubt that have.

    Opinions Necesito un Trastero in Pinto

    Trasters very clean, with cameras and good illumination. We decide to seize it traster with NECESITO ONE TRASTER, among other things, for the glorious tract got and big Humberto’s professionalism at transmitting us confidence, empathy and security.



    Flawless kick. The manager of the management is a very kind person, efficient and at all times of aid with any management or unforeseen that arise. A kick TOP. In addition to some installations very well conditioned and accessible place without problem of parking.



    The kick is very good, paint the door Humberto , for any problem solves it to you apace And always is available at the mobile.



    You can call us for FREE at the 900 811 646 or also…

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    Call, email or message us, and we are happy to arrange an onsite visit at any of our delegations.


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