Storage rooms for rent in Tenerife

Inform you FREE WITHOUT COMMITMENT at the 900 811 646

    For particular, companies and freelancers

    Storage rooms for rent in Tenerife

    Are the first company at offering trasters in Tenerife. More of 500 metres for the magatzematge at our delegation. For companies and freelancers have trasters of until 10 metres squared with the maximum security. If you have problems of room, can ajudar-te.trasters since 2 metres squared onwards.

    What is included:

    Videovigilància 24h

    Rent without permanence

    Easy parking

    Personal and non-transferable key

    Storage rooms according to needs

    24 hour access

    Easy access

    Online booking

    Necesito un Trastero in Tenerife

    Problems of room?

    Be the first always is motif of pride, and we are the first undertaken for hire of trasters in Tenerife. We are situated at a centric localization , at the street of tenerife. 24 hour access 365 days by the year and the maximum security, where the customers access at the venue by means of an exclusive system for print dactilar. Recording for cameras and alarm at all the perimeter, ademas of an insurance included at the price will make that your belongings this totally certain with us.

    Storage rooms for rent in Tenerife

    do not conform you with one traster in Tenerife without any type of security. For freelancers and companies that need a warehouse in Tenerife. Have trasters of until 10 square metres,passing pro distinct sizes. Your stock or tool of work will be at a totally certain place, available the 24 hours of the day.

    Storage rooms in Tenerife for companies

    do not charge bails or advanced, pays only for the time that this with us. If you need my information telephone us on the telephone free 900 811 646 or write us at the e-mail

    Storage rooms in Tenerife for particular

    If you are a Tenerifean neighbour and want to gross some extra metres your home, can aid you. Storage rooms for rent in Tenerife since 2 metres squared onwards. It saves your bicycle, outfit of out of season or what need at one of our trasters.

    Opinions Necesito un Trastero in Tenerife

    Perfect kick, at an excellent price. I recommend it totally, my experience has been and is very positive!!




    Very good kick!!




    Good trasters, of easy fit and with availability of several sizes!





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