Storage rooms for rent Almería

Necesito un trastero is the first company to offer a storage room rental service in Almeria.

Our activity began on Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

We are the first company to arrive in Almeria. We offer storage rental services, storage and furniture storage for the entire province.

We have 300 square meters for space rental, we are specialized in:

Storage rooms for rent in Almería.

Furniture storage.

Mini Stores.



We have the most advanced systems in video surveillance and security.

We begin this first stage with storage rooms ranging from 3 to 15 square meters.

We have made a strong commitment to this new solution to your space problems in Almeria.

Storage room for rent in Almería.

Who might need a storage room?

Private clients - Clothes or objects that we always have at home and we never know where to put them. Our bike, mountain equipment, toys, cradles... A relative who stays at home for a while...

Companies- With space problems at some time of the year, expanding or already working in Almeria, with Logistic needs, Commercial and Self-Employed, Pharmaceutical Laboratories and file storage.

Commercial-Tostore the product for sale, catalogs, samples, advertising.

Self-employed - Tohave your tools and work material in a safe place, without the need to rent premises.

E-commerce - Many of our clients are ecommerce stores. When they start to grow, in many cases they prefer the tranquility of having a storage room, before renting a store, with the fixed costs that saves on it.

What can we offer our customers in storage rental in Almeria?

Flexible contracts, with no minimum stay.
Free transportation to our facilities for long term customers.
Storage rooms from 3 square meters up to 15 meters.
Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Parking at the front door.
Security, camera recording and alarm system in each storage room.
Insurance included in the final price.
Possibility of changing the size of the storage room, adapting to the situation at any time.
Logistic operations, picking and handling.
Rates adapted to companies, tailor-made suit.

Where are we?

Our facilities are located in Sierra de Ronda 25, 04240 - Viator, Almería.

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