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We finally start today, after some failed attempts, our storage rental blog.
From here we hope to bring the best of ourselves to our client and friends.

We are a small and big company based in Alicante, Almeria and Granada for the rental of storage rooms.

Surely at some point you have thought - I need a storage room!
The ideal solution for space problems.

We have storage rooms for rent in Alicante, storage rooms for rent in Granada and storage rooms for rent in Almeria.

In a short time we have established ourselves in these cities, being the first company to offer storage rental services in Granada and Almeria.

Every day more and more companies and individuals have a real need for extra space in their home or business.

Storage rooms for rent in Alicante

Granada storage room rentals

Rental of storage rooms in Almerìa

From 3 to 20 cubic meters, with no minimum time of permanence.

Currently we have as clients individuals, companies and websites.
We adapt to their needs, with convenient and flexible contracts.
Our storage rooms are the ideal solution for companies with high peak workloads.

The reception of shipments and letters in our facilities is also free of charge when you hire one of our storage facilities.

All our centers are monitored by state-of-the-art security cameras 24 hours a day, in addition to alarms connected to local law enforcement agencies.

We have special prices for long term rentals, contact us for special cases.

If you hire a storage room with a minimum of 1 year of stay, the transport from your home to our storage rooms is completely free of charge, until it is placed in your storage room.

We are your storage rental company in Alicante and storage rental in Granada.

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