A little less than 4 years, all of this was just a dream. A beautiful dream from which, nowadays, we are proud of making it a reality.

We believe in an idea, we detected a need and we had an “Eureka” moment.

4 years ago we just had a mini delegation for renting storage rooms in Alicante, which was improving little by little.

We detected a gap in the national market in relation to the no existence of storage rooms (and there is not any other yet, apart of us) a company of storage rooms in different cities of Spain, and we decided to bet for its improvement through franchises. We ask ourselves: why not?

4 years later here we are, being a reference to the sector, with 16 franchises for renting of storage rooms highly productive, growing in a team who knows about figures…But overall making true a dream.

We are proud of what we have done. We have a long way to walk but we are enjoying on the road, because for sure the best is coming soon!!

Meanwhile we work with a unique and clear objective on mind: Being the best company for renting of storage rooms operating at a national level.

Our objective

Being present in every province, being the best company for renting storage rooms nationwide.

Our vision

Storing is the art of saving the present to be used in the future.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Flexible Renting, without permanence
  • Close treatment with the client
  • Easy access to our facilities
  • Invoice and unique interspeaker
  • Without bails or cash advances

  • Video guard 24h
  • Insurance included in the price
  • Key of personal and non-transferable access
  • The last systems of access
  • Present in 17 cities

You can call us for free to 900811646 or also…

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