Frequent Asking Questions

Frequent Asking Questions

Why Us?

Because of quality/price: we work every day to offer the best service at the best price

Because of flexibility:

Without bail, without cash advancement. You pay just the month you need.

Select the dimensions of your storage room

Because it is safe:

Vigilance 24 hrs. by cameras, 12 hrs. of presence guard and alarm the 365 days of the year.

Unique and non-transferable access key, just you can access to your storage room.

Because of the service:

Transportation Services from your house/ office to the storage rooms.

Reception of material completely free.

Direct contact, without delays.

Because of Accessibility:

Easy access with vehicles to almost the door of your storage room, for more comfort.

Because of our treatment: our personal will take care of you, and it means that we also take care of your things.

What is the self-storage?
Self-Storage means literally, that you store your things by yourself. It consists in the renting of storage rooms to keep the personal belongings in spaces of different sizes, during the time that it is needed, offering characteristics as safety, privacy, flexibility, etc.

Nowadays, we are the greatest company of self-storage or renting of storage rooms in Spain, being present in 17 cities.

How a storage room is contracted?

You can call-free to 900 811 646 or you can fill in the Contact Form then we will contact you to give all the information you require.

You only need to show the following documents:

If you are an individual:

Photocopy of DNI / NIF / NIE, Passport…
Photocopy of a bank receipt of the water company, electricity, telephone…
If you are going to contract on behalf of a Legal person:

Photocopy of C.I.F
Photocopy of the document
Fotocopia de D.N.I./N.I.F./N.I.E., Pasaporte,… del representante legal.

Is there a contract term?
As you know, I need a storage room. There is no permanence. For the better organizers, we suggest you postings with the theme of preparing the phrase Prepare the bottom of your storage room.
What can I store in the storage room?

You can store what you want except dangerous or toxic products, illegal products, flammable products, explosives, neither valuable objects like jewelry nor pieces of art or cash.

It is for the welfare of everybody, we want to take care of our facilities, that´s why we do not allow you store food or products that can overdue and emit bad smelling or damages to the storage place or any animals.

You must know that the security forces have all the permission to enter to the storage rooms, if a strange situation is detected, so any illegal or outlaw object could not be stored.

Can be set cabinets in the storage rooms?
Yes, you can arrange and organize your storage room as you think it is convenient. Always that it is a plus for you but without any damage to the facilities.
How can I take my things to the storage room?

You can bring them by yourself taking them in as many trips that are necessary or you can contract this move with us.

We make a free move with the contracts of more than a year of staying in our storage rooms, if it is in the same city, without any charge.

Remember that we are for supporting and advising you, either with the size of the storage room or with the transfer to it.

Ask us if you have any doubt and we will be delightful to help you.

Can I change the size of my storing room if I need it?
Yes, in the case you want to wide your storage room, because it is small for you at that moment, or on the contrary, you want a smaller one, well, there is not any problem. You just have to call and comment us what you wish then we will adapt your storage room to your new needs.