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In the autonomous community of Andalusia we find the city of Almeria. city of Almeria, a Spanish municipality of almost 200,000 inhabitants.

This city stands out for its extensive historical-artistic heritage, founded in 955 AD and architecturally influenced by the Muslim culture. Muslim culture.

After the incorporation into the Crown of Castile in the 15th century, the first advances were the first advances were arriving, although its maximum cultural explosion was towards the end of the 19th century. the end of the 19th century and until now it has been at the forefront of sectors such as intensive agriculture intensive agriculture and the marble and construction industry.

It is because of its land and its people that Almeria has raised great interest in us.

We were the first storage rental company in Almeria, not only in the city, but throughout the province.

This was more than 6 years ago and now we have three delegations there, located two in the Polígono La Juaida and another one, in Antonio Vico street, in the center of the city the center of the city and overlooking the Alcazaba.

The Alcazaba of Almeria, is undoubtedly the most representative monument of the city. monument of the city.

With 1430 meters of walled perimeter, it is, after the Alhambra of Granada, the largest Muslim Alhambra in Granada, the largest Muslim construction in Spain.

It dates from the 10th century, after the foundation of the city.

The walls of Khayran, the Arab cisterns, the cathedral and several churches several of its churches are also of great tourist interest.

For tourism, undoubtedly its Mediterranean climate, its beaches and coastal towns are of great attraction.

Places as special as the cape of Gata, the beach of the dead, Mojacar or the Mojacar or the Alpujarra of Almeria, in addition to many others, make these lands an unforgettable place for a vacation... Or for a lifetime. for a vacation... Or for a lifetime.

For this reason, we are extremely proud to be the first storage rental company in Almeria.

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