Franchises in Andalusia

I need a storage room will be present on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at the Franquishop franchise fair in Andalusia.

The event will take place at the Nh Collection Hotel in Seville.

We are looking forward to being there.

A little more than a year ago our franchise in Granada took its first steps.

I would have signed anywhere if they told me that in little more than 12 months we were going to have two warehouses at 100% capacity, a waiting list of clients and be immersed in the project of a third 1000 meter warehouse.

Then it was Almeria, where the result is just as spectacular and we are already in the third phase of expansion of storage rooms.

The last of our Franchises in Andalusia we opened in Malaga, where we boast of having one of the most beautiful storage rental companies in Spain.

In between, we have covered the entire province from end to end.

Andalusia is already special for us.

In addition, we are waiting for Wednesday to officially give one of the most awaited news in our trajectory.
We arrive in the capital of Seville with great enthusiasm.

We have been working for months on a feasibility project for the opening of one of our branches.

Seville is the 4th city in Spain in number of inhabitants and the 31st in Europe.

Therefore, we are sure of the success of one of our franchises in Seville.

We have already proven that our franchises in Andalusia work, are profitable and successful.

In the largest city in Andalusia, the one with the most inhabitants, logic makes us be realistic and bet on this city as a winning project.

As a final point, I have one of the most beautiful visits I have ever had in my life.

At 6 o'clock in the evening...on the Triana Bridge!

Here we go Sevilla!!!!

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