Preparing four big surprises for the beginning of the year!

Okay, it's been longer than allowed without writing a blog post.

But we're back, we're back with news and we're back with a lot of enthusiasm!

We started the year with great enthusiasm and excitement, working hard and with a thousand projects underway.

We continue with our expansion through storage rental franchises, we continue to lead the national market.


Four will be the most important in this beginning of the year, three of them we give as a preview in this entry.

1-We moved the Alicante plant.

You already knew this one, right.

We moved to a new warehouse, much bigger to make new storage rooms in Alicante, with many more meters for offices and central services, with its own parking, with a 24 hours access system.

We are working day and night on it and we guarantee that it is going to be spectacular!



2 and 3-Andalucía, my beloved Andalucía.

There will be two major novelties in Andalusia.

Two big news, two bombshells that we are preparing for right now.

One you will know in two weeks at the most...the other will not take much longer.

One will be very close to the famous Raf tomatoes, the best in the world.

The other is in one of the largest, most beautiful and charming cities in Spain, a city with sun and snow!


4-We are working on something for Madrid.

From Madrid to heaven... Something very big in the capital is very close.

We have been there for many, many hours, we have negotiated for days, we have talked to engineers, firefighters, city hall... And it seems that we are very close to finally entering the capital.


So this is what January 2017 has in store for us...this and all the excitement in the world!!!


More news coming soon...Stay tuned to the blog!



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