What to see and do in Jaén?

Jaén is an Andalusian province with wonderful hidden places that tell part of its culture and history. It is ideal for any type of tourism thanks to the great variety of destinations found in this inland paradise. We invite you to visit its attractive natural landscapes, its imposing monumental heritage and taste the delights offered by its gastronomy.

What to see and do in Jaén?

You can visit the Cathedral of Jaén, the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs and the Monument to the Battles. We recommend that you take a walk through the Castle of Santa Catalina and the Palace of the Cobaleda Nicuesa. And don't forget to see the magnificent works that you will find in the International Museum of Naïf Art ''Manuel Moral''.

The best things to see and do in Jaén

From Necesito Un Trastero which is the first storage room company in Jaen, we recommend this town, being one of the most beautiful little known cities in southern Spain. You probably know Seville, Malaga or Cordoba, impressive places to which this Andalusian town has nothing to envy. Here are some of the best things to see and do in Jaén. Don't miss them!

Visit the Cathedral of Jaén

The Cathedral is a work of Andrés de Vandelvira that has inspired the style of later Indian constructions. It is a Renaissance structure with a number of interior and exterior details worthy of close observation. This Cathedral represents a great pride for the people of Jaénand is the most emblematic place of Jaén.

Visiting the Museum of Popular Arts and Customs

The purpose of this museum is to expose the lifestyle of the population of Jaén before industrialization. It has a division of thematic spaces on five floors. It is a space dedicated to the conservation and promotion of the old customs of this province. With the objective of achieving that the cultural identity prevails before anything foreign.

Monument to the Battles

It is an imposing monument made of stone and bronze that has a height of 12 meters. It represents the commemoration of two of the most important battles that took place in Jaén: The Battle of Navas Tolosa and the Battle of Bailén. The latter being responsible for the independence of the Spaniards.

The view from Santa Catalina Castle

It was built on the ruins of the old Arab fortress, as the victorious Christians used to do. It is renowned for the beautiful view it offers, recognized as the best in the city.

The most interesting places you can see inside the castle are: the parade ground, the old jail and the keep. In front of this structure, located on top of a hill, there is an important symbol of Jaén that you cannot miss: The Cross.

Getting lost in the Cobaleda Nicuesa Palace

It is an old Renaissance civil building built in the 17th century by Don Cristobal de Cobaleda Nicuesa. In its structure stands out the semicircular arch protected with ashlars, which is the base of the balcony on the second floor.

The inner courtyard of the Palace connects to a spacious hallway through a 19th century iron grille. Finally, on the second floor of the building there is a baroque oratory.

The Palace of Los Cobaleda Nicuesa currently serves as the City's College of Architecture. Although it is a private space, inside you can find an archive, different artistic collections and a library. As you can see, it is a picturesque and mysterious place that you cannot miss.

International Museum of Naïf Art "Manuel Moral".

The International Museum of Naïf Art ''Manuel Moral'' is located inside the Villadompardo Palace. This Renaissance manor house houses a collection of 600 national and international works of Naïf art.

It was inaugurated on December 20, 1990 in honor of the legacy of Don Manuel Morales Mozas. It should be noted that it is the first Spanish museum to dedicate a space for the exhibition of works of this style.


The gastronomy of Jaén is characterized by the use of olive oil in most of its dishes. It is even called the capital of olive oil and has lands full of olive groves. However, depending on the area where you are, the preparations and dishes may vary.

In Carrera de Jesús street and Maestra street you will find the typical gastronomic area of the province. You can go to one of the nearby taverns to order a drink and accompany it with a free tapa.

Among the most recommended typical foods of Jaén you will find: pipirrana, migas ruleras casserole, sierra segura lamb, rin ran, tortas de matalahuva and ochíos.

Visiting the towns of Jaén

Jaén has a total of 97 municipalities recognized worldwide thanks to their interesting culture and incomparable beauty. Each one of them offers its visitors extraordinary monuments, incomparable natural landscapes and an excellent gastronomy. In addition, the people of Jaén are extremely friendly, making tourists feel comfortable and safe throughout their stay.

Depending on the municipality of Jaén where you are you can enjoy: natural tourism, rural tourism, relax tourism, inland tourism, cultural tourism, sustainable tourism or gastronomic tourism.

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