Opening of I need a storage room in Salamanca

The national leader in the rental of storage rooms and self storage, Necesito un trastero, confirms the opening of a storage rental franchise, this time in Salamanca.

They continue their unstoppable expansion at national level, adding their ninth franchise in operation, the first in Castilla y León.

It is the first company dedicated to the rental of storage rooms, logistics and furniture storage throughout the province of Salamanca.

"We have been working for months on this new plaza with great enthusiasm. We know that being the first in a city like Salamanca, where there is no competition, has always been a guaranteed success for us.

We are the first storage rental company to arrive in Granada, Almeria, Cadiz and now Salamanca and in all cases our franchises have reached a very high occupancy in the first 6 months of life.

Ivan Maldonado Ballesteros, from the expansion department of Ivan Maldonado Ballesteros.

Nine franchises in operation in nine different cities, eight provinces and four autonomous communities.


That's the difference between needing a storage room with any other company in the industry.

"The usual in the sector are local companies, providing service only to a population.

The capillarity that we achieve by weaving this business network for our clients (pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, commercial teams) with all the advantages that this includes (single invoice and interlocutor, cost reduction, centralization of services) make us the perfect partner for all of them.

We study each case as unique, in addition to offering integrated logistics solutions, not just warehousing," says Carlos Torres, from the head office.


The works are already underway in Salamanca. Very soon we will attend the inauguration.

The machinery of Necesito un trasteros is back on track and they are already working on the action plan to follow.

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