We are opening a new storage rental office in Elche.

Storage rooms for rent in Elche.

Well, after three years without writing...we are back to our blog.

And what better reason to come back, than the inauguration of our new storage rooms for rent in Elche.

This past week we have opened our second storage unit in Elche.

We are located at 33 Maria Fernandez Garcia Street, in the Carrus neighborhood of Elche, 03205 Elche.

In the city of Elche we opened one of our first franchises, more than 5 years ago.

A small place in Clara Campoamor street that we filled up immediately.

Now, things are different.

We have a project with more than 500 rentable meters for storage rooms in this new delegation, with the possibility of expanding in different phases until we can reach 3000 square meters of storage rooms for rent in Elche.

We have competition, as in all cities, but we know and we are sure that we can position ourselves as the best Self Storage company in the city.

For this new center, we have more than 150 storage rooms of different sizes, from 1 meter lockers to 20 square meter storage rooms.

Access 24 hours a day, camera recording, the latest security and access systems and free insurance included in the price are advantages that all our customers will have.

Oh, and we almost forgot, plus a super introductory introductory offer for customers who sign up before January 31st.

We have been working very, very hard for a few years and for this reason we had forgotten the blog.

The last publication was in March 2017, how much has rained since then!

In that publication, we announced the opening of our new center in Alicante.

Right now, we are working on another new storage center in Alicante.

The previous publication stated that we had 14 storage rental franchises.

This morning, we announced our 57th franchisee!!!!!!!

So, as a new year's resolution, we intend to blog at least once a week.


Storage rooms in Elche
Storage rooms for rent in Elche
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