Storage rooms for rent in Albacete

Storage rooms for rent in Albacete.

In a place of the spot, whose name I don't want to remember...

We have our own from storage rooms for rent in Albacetecity that nowadays has more than 200.000 200,000 inhabitants.

We were the first storage company in the city of Albacete.

Located in the Industrial Park of Campollano, our warehouse has several warehouse has several spaces for rent for the use of both private and business clients. for both private and business use of its customers.

The sizes of these warehouses vary depending on the customer's needs. needs of the customer, ranging from the smallest storage rooms to store personal personal items that we do not use so often, as well as all kinds of goods for small and large companies. goods for small and large companies.

Storage rooms for rent in Albacete, a private storage alternative storage that allows exclusive access at any time of the day, without having to adjust to private day, without having to adjust to private time slots.

By using it for as long as the customer deems appropriate, eliminates any commitment of permanence, in addition to eliminating any initial deposit, in initial deposit as a guarantee.

As a company, we have also developed a video surveillance security system that allows us to monitor all points of the facilities remotely. of the facilities remotely. State-of-the-art technology, which controls through cameras and screens any movement that occurs inside the warehouse. warehouse.

Contacting us is very easy, using any communication communication channel, either through our social networks, the web or email and having a quick response in less than 24 hours.

For contracting or any immediate consultation, you can always you can always call our 900 811 646 number, which is active all day long, including Saturdays! all day long, even on Saturdays!

If you need space and are looking for a storage room for rent in Albacete, call us and we will inform you without obligation!!!

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