Storage rooms for rent in Bilbao

Storage rooms for rent in Bilbao.

In the historical territory of Vizcaya, the provincial capital is Bilbao, with a population of well over 300,000 inhabitants.

Located at the mouth of the Ría de Bilbao, it receives its name from the union of the Basque words "bi albo" meaning "two sides". The city extends on both sides of the estuary, so the neighborhoods are connected by a bridge.

Very important at the economic level, it owes its success in part to the influence of modernity.

An example of this is the Guggenheim Museum, today one of the seven museums that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation has around the world.

This museum of clear avant-garde airs has awakened the interest of thousands of tourists who travel to Bilbao every year to see the Guggenheim's art exhibitions.

Since September 2018 and located in the Santuxtu Neighborhood, our delegation of storage rooms for rent in Bilbao is located specifically in 63 Fika Street. Where the citizens of the Begoña District, already have private storage, close to their homes and with permanent surveillance, to store their belongings.

There are many things to see in Santutxu and in any district or neighborhood of Bilbao, but what they all agree on is its extensive and particular gastronomy.

In addition to the festivals held in summer, Bilbao offers a wide culinary variety.

With the region's main port, Bilbao is supplied with fresh, top-quality produce all year round.

Whatever the time of the year you visit, in its "Botxo" bars and restaurants you will always find the nationally recognized "pintxos" and, of course, a wide variety of dishes made with fresh products such as "bacalao al pil-pil" or "cocochas de merluza", acquired from the Ribera market.

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