Our Granada delegation

Storage rooms in Granada

Storage rooms in Granada

In the city of Granada, we opened our second branch of storage rooms in Granada, which was the first in the whole city, in 2014.

The population of The population of the metropolitan area is very large, with almost 500,000 inhabitants, including totality of its towns and neighborhoods.

Our first branch of storage rooms in Granada is located in the neighborhood of La Chana, a working class neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

The whole The whole province is a great center of tourism, being the famous Alhambra one of the most visited monuments in the world. most visited monuments in the world.

We could a million things that fascinate us about the city, but for us personally, we would but personally we would like to highlight the Albaicín, the great cathedral (where the Catholic kings are buried) and the the catholic kings are buried) and the Paseo de los Tristes.

In the province, the Alpujarras, the tropical coast and the mountains in Nevada, which make it a privileged a privileged place for all kinds of visitors, whether they are looking for cold or warmth, tradition or tradition or modernity.

Away from the our second storage rental office we have today in Granada is located in the downtown area. we have today in Granada. Located in Chauchina, very close to the historic city of town of Santa Fe, at the foot of the A92 national road.

This second This second branch office was located on the centrally located Carretera de la Virgen street and we have of all sizes for both private and corporate use. companies.

While the Granada capital is a very large tourist center, the economic activity of Chauchina is centered on agriculture, mainly economic activity of Chauchina is centered in agriculture, especially in the planting of olives, barley and asparagus. olive trees, barley and asparagus.

Despite being located in two different places, our two storage facilities in Granada have the same advantages. Exclusive access, easy parking and the latest integrated security systems, among others.

And to think that we arrived there 6 years ago, our reconquest of Spain started in Granada!

Paseo de los Tristes in Granada, where we have two offices
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